"Jillisa will make a wonderful doula for anyone who needs someone to be there as an advocate and friend during their pregnancy and post child birth, as well. Jillisa is everything a good doula should be. She is passionate. She is loyal. She is caring. She is respectful. She will stand up for the mom if she needs to make sure the mom's birthing plan is being carried out. And she is also experienced - she is a mom of a beautiful baby girl. She has been through what these expecting moms are and will be going through. Who better to be an advocate for someone than someone who has been there and understands what the mom is going through, whether it be an at-home birth or in the hospital?! She's been through both!

I personally don't have kids - I am not at that point in my life yet, but I can't even begin to count the number of discussions that we have had about pregnancy to birth to being a new mom. The love and passion she feels about this definitely shows. Anyone would be lucky to have her be there with them during this very special time."

— Kristina Mencel, Superior, WI


"Jillisa is a smart, loving, dedicated woman and anyone would be so lucky to have her support as a doula through pregnancy, birth and early mothering! A doula is a must have if you are having a hospital birth, and a great asset for homebirths, too, especially for first time parents. If you are considering hiring Jillisa, do it!"

— Margo Blackstone, Duluth, MN


"Having Jillisa as my doula has made a lot of my current pregnancy more about the giving of life and not such a "medical issue. She has been with me from the very beginning of this pregnancy answering so many of my questions and subsiding even some of my worries More than half way through my second pregnancy and I truly never thought I would ever feel this sense of calm. I know that having Jillisa by my side through appointments so far has made a big impact. She's knowledgeable in the aspects that I have most concerns about and also mentions a lot of things that I haven't thought about. She is also someone that I know is on my side when it comes to having the birthing experience that I hope for. She's also aware that my first delivery didn't go as planned and that there were some complications with my first child. We've been able to discuss what may be options for my current birth plan for all the 'what ifs' we may encounter. I highly recommend Jillisa, not just for her talent and knowledge in being a doula, but also because she truly cares. She listens to what you want and not what should or shouldn't be done. I can't wait for her to be a part of our continuing journey through this pregnancy and for the delivery."

- Kim Peterson, Iron River, WI