Prenatal Services

First prenatal - One on one consultation with you to get to know each other better and begin talking about your birth plan. I can offer suggestions or discuss options with you, if you would like.

Next 2-4 prenatals - Attend your prenatal appointments with you and discuss your birth plan more in depth and make any changes or additions as necessary.

Labor/Birth Services

I can offer support through guidance, advice, reminders, physical touch (such as massage), advocate your wishes and hold the space for you to birth your baby and transition into motherhood. I can also stay for up to an hour after your birth.

Postpartum (I like to refer to this as the "4th Trimester") Services 

The original fee includes three visits. Typically, the first is the day after birth, the second on day five postpartum, and the third can be decided together. You may add additional postpartum services for an additional fee. During these visits I can answer questions or refer you to another professional who can meet your needs. Postpartum services also include a listening ear and a helping hand - basically whatever will allow you to rest and help you acclimate to life after baby, whether that is doing a load of dishes, tidying up your kitchen, throwing in a load of laundry or even cooking you a meal.



My full fee is $650, but I offer a sliding scale of $450-$650.

$50 is due at time of contract signing and is non-refundable.

The rest is due by 38 weeks or our last prenatal visit, whichever comes first. 


*Fees are subject to change