February 22nd, 2017 was the day that I found out the biggest surprise of my life - I was pregnant!

The next day I called a local hospital to set up my first OB appointment. I went into pregnancy completely blind, not knowing all of my options when it came to prenatal appointments, labor, birth and post-partum. Eventually I decided that I wanted a midwife (little did I know there are many types of midwives), so I chose the only nurse-midwife available.

However, after a few negative experiences with the OB and nurse-midwife I had chosen, I began searching for other options. During this search, I learned about ALL of my options - medical and non-medical, assisted and unassisted, etc. I ended up choosing a local traditional midwife as my care provider and decided to have a home birth. I decided I did not want interventions such as vaginal checks, Pitocin, an epidural, etc.

Unfortunately, after laboring at home for some time, I transferred to the hospital due to a full bladder and questionable progression.

Thankfully, my midwife also acted as my doula in a sense once I was at the hospital, reiterating my wishes and doing everything possible to make sure I could labor the way I wanted to, unless there was valid reason not to.

After about 3 hours of labor there, I decided to give Pitocin a shot, to no avail. About 3 hours after that, I was told I needed a C-section.

Both my daughter and I are healthy and doing amazingly well!