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Hey, I'm Jillisa, a wife, mother, midwifery student, crossfit junky and entrepreneur. Before my daughter, I wasn't really a "kid" person. The thought of being a doula had also never crossed my mind - not once. In fact, I went to beauty school and became a licensed cosmetologist before deciding to work a corporate desk job and now ending up here. However, after getting pregnant unexpectedly, I began another unexpected journey - my journey to birth work. 

I loved everything about the care I received from my traditional midwife, and what I loved most was that I was truly the center of my care. I loved the personal relationship I had built with her and enjoyed the in-home visits. This lead me to my calling to midwifery. Currently, I am enrolled in the Indie Birth Midwifery School and will graduate in 2019.

I decided I wanted to make an impact on women and families in the community as soon as possible and didn't want to wait until I was done with school and my apprenticeship. So, after much prayer and contemplation, I chose to practice as a doula for the time being. I truly believe in the power of support during pregnancy, labor, birth and post-partum and want to provide that for as many women as possible.